Product Range

  • DM-100-Wireless: The complete solution for video, audio, control and data encoding and communication in rough environments.
  • DM-100: All the interfaces and features of the DM-Wireless 100 except the RF data link
  • DM-200: A revolutionary Module using image signal processor (ISP) and machine learning accelerator.

DM-Wireless 100

The DM-Wireless 100 has been developed hand in hand with the worldwide leader of indoor inspection drones. It has been tested in different types of environments to finetune its properties.
Product Details
  • Frequency: 2X2 MIMO or 2X1 MISO 2.4 GHz Operation
  • Bandwidth: 4 & 8 MHz
  • Max. Tx Power: 30dBm (can be selected via API)
  • Video Compression: H.264 (H.265 available on custom module)
  • Operation Voltage:.7-24V V
  • Operating Temperature: -40° to +60° C
  • 6 levels of Image/encoding quality based on link quality
  • Analog SD + HDMI input
  • Analog SD + HDMI output
  • Option for HDSDI/Cameralink/AHD/Quad Analog add-ons as a 2nd input instead the on-board HDMI input
  • Microphone
  • Headphone
  • Ethernet to Host
  • Ethernet to LTE Modem (Option)
  • USB Host to USB Disk or UVC camera or LTE Modem (Option)
  • USB OTG for mass storage device
  • SPI to Flir Lepton3 camera
  • 2 x RS232
  • RF Datalink
  • Micro SD
  • USB Disk via USB Host
Acts as an h.264 Encoder and Decoder.
Handles multiple video channels and simultaneously supports:

  • Video and audio capture, encoding, decoding, transcoding and display
  • Video raw-data pre-processing (may have an influence on the ultra-low-latency performance)
  • Transport Stream (including meta data) container generation
  • Split Mode
  • Streaming over Ethernet, supporting:
    - Unicast, Multicast, Broadcast
    - UDP, RTP, RTSP
  • Support end-to-end 100msec low-latency streaming over networks
  • Web-browser based control
  • API based control over networks and serial communication

DM- 100

The DM-100 offers all the features of the DM-Wireless 100 but without the RF link. You are therefore free to combine it with the data link you want. The DM-100 also exist in different format and hardware configuration.


Expert of indoor inspection, we understand the value of having Machine Learning application being capable to continue to run even if access to the network is disrupted. We are therefore working on a new module supporting machine learning at the edge. This means all the machine learning inference runs locally on an edge processor. This will offer key advantages as much lower latency in making a decision, user privacy,  working with poor network access. The Image Signal Processor (ISP) integrated within the applications processor coming with the DM-200 offers high quality imaging, while also being an optimized imaging solution, particularly at 2 Megapixel and higher resolutions.