Smart Encoding and Data Link Modules

Dromote aims to provide the ultimate solution for video/audio encoding and data communication in rough environments. Our value proposition is to understand what it means to send video/audio, data as well as piloting a RV in Non Line of sight environments. Our products are there to cover this scope.

Why Dromote?

Our products have proven their capability and robustness to relay video footage and other sensory data for demanding applications.
Designed for teleoperated/Remote Vehicle such as Drones, rovers or any type of Inspection/maintenance Robots, our products especially fit the needs of Non Line of Sight environments. We are specialized in indoor GNSS-denied environments and our customers go in cluttered or hazardous places. We are of course compatible with a variety of sensors and payloads.

Our solution

The key features of our solutions are the following:
  • Adaptative encoding in regards to the link quality*
  • A defined available throughput in regards to the link quality*
  • Different types of data links: RF, 4G, 3G
  • Encoding solutions available also without the Data link
  • A reliable video, audio, control, data communication link
  • low-delay/low-latency
  • Player on Windows and Android
  • an exhaustive list of API that allows customer to use their interface
  • Very light, comptact
  • Low power consumption
* The dynamic encoding is available today only for the RF link

Our offer

We have from the shelf product as the DM-100 and DM-100 Wireless but are also working on customized solution. Our team is already working on our next generation of product the DM-200 which will include an embedded vision systems (EVS)  thank’s to i.MX 8M Plus image signal processor (ISP) and machine learning accelerator.


Many applications can benefit from our technology